My first outreach – Custom Polo Shirt Company


After a few outreach emails I have had my first reply! I’m very excited to present to you Polo Shirt Xpress. This company bring the beef to polo shirts, because they distribute them, and embroider on them. I didn’t have time to go to their factory based in Marrckville, which is based in Sydney Inner West area. I did speak to someone on the phone for a few minutes and asked them a few questions, which I spent the time today typing up.


1. How long have you been in the polo shirt game?

Actually, we do more than polo shirts but we have been in the custom apparel industry for over 20 years now. We do all our embroidery and screen printing in house, plus we are distributors for some quality brands such as: Gildan, Biz Collection and AS Colour.

2. How much does one polo shirt cost?

Unfortunately we don’t do one off polo shirts and have a minimum order. To answer your question, it really depends on the amount of polo shirts, the size of the embroidery or your print.

3. Can I print photos on polo shirts?

No, well, not with us anyway. If you want to print photos or any graphic with a lot of colours then you need to go and find a digital printer, or DTG which stands for Direct to Garment.

4. What type of printing do you do on polo shirts?

For printing we do screen printing, meaning every colour you have in your artwork needs it’s own film. We can cover up to 8 colours in any artwork. Our in-house graphic designer separates the colours in your artwork and gets it ready for screen printing.

5. What about embroidery?

Embroidery needs to be digitized, which we also do in-house and we spend lots of time creating the sample and getting you to approve it. Once everything is approved then it doesn’t take long to put the embroidery on our garments and send them to you via courier.


Well, those were my quick five questions with the guys down at polo shirt express. You can check them out by visiting their website if you need any custom polo shirts created. They are quite good at their job and I very much appreciate them taking a few minutes of their time to talk to me, just for my blog. Thanks guys.

Don’t forget, I’m open to more people contacting me for a review or interview. I’m now based in Sydney and would be more than happy to come down to your factory and meet you in person.

My First Post: Introduction

dress shirt poseHello everyone, this website has been changed but still covers the same subject of fashion, clothing, and apparel. My first post is basically an introduction that is inviting all fashion and apparel suppliers and distributors – including screen printers and embroiderers – to contact me (in the comments section below) regarding reviews and write ups.

I’m a fashion blogger now and have moved from New York, USA to Sydney, ¬†Australia and am quite broke with no job, so I have a lot of time on my hands.

I don’t want to leave the fashion industry and my main goal is to build my Australian merchandise network so when I am ready to start my own clothing label here in Australia, I have the contacts to make it happen quickly and efficiently.

More about where I am coming from.

You don’t have to be a TV star to wear tailored shirts. You live your own life and dress what appeals you. Wearing custom dress shirts is trendy and you can become a trend setter by designing your own dress shirts to boost your personality and have that envying collection in your wardrobe.

When I start my own clothing line, I want everything to not only follow the trends, I want it to be affordable. I have noticed that here in Australia, people like to follow American trends, but usually they’re too late to call themselves early adopters or they can’t afford the “top of the line” garments.

My ultimate goal is to change the game slightly by making everything accessible online, and this fashion blog is really aimed a centralizing all the local business that produce customized apparel for the shops to sell. I apologize shops, there are just too many of you and plenty to go around. I am much more interested in the people that create the clothes.

I’m all about custom tailored shirts! Please give me a chance at making my dream come true. :D

Well, that is my introduction, I hope some people start contacting me soon.